Bilcik hopes Belgrade will make sue Europride takes place

NEWS 29.08.2022 14:25
Vladimir Bilčik
Source: N1/arhiva

European Parliament rapporteur for Serbia Vladimir Bilcik MEP told N1 on Monday that he hopes the government will do whatever it can to make sure Europride takes place in Belgrade.

He said that regression in terms of protecting basic liberties and human rights is never good. Serbia has always had good results on that. Belgrade is known as an open city and this event is something that attracts huge attention in Serbia and Europe, he said.

He wondered to what extent international partners can count on Serbia meeting expectations on other issues and obligations. Bilcik said the stakes are high on Europride.

Bilcik warned that the context for important decisions, including the Belgrade-Pristina freedom of movement agreement, should be checked to see if things have changed.