Belgrade Uni Rector: We’ll respond to verdict on FM’s doctoral thesis

NEWS 11.07.2021 15:10
ivanka popović 1
Source: N1

The Belgrade University will respond to the verdict of the Administrative Court which annulled the decision of the University Senate on the plagiarism of Serbia’s Finance Minister’s doctoral dissertation, outgoing Rector, Ivanka Popovic, told N1.

Popovic said that, as far as the academic community is concerned, the case of minister Mali’s doctoral dissertation is over, and she reminded that the court’s verdict refers to procedural issues.

„University bodies and authorities deal with this in accordance with the deadlines set by the court, and the University will certainly respond to the court ruling. That important role belongs to the faculty where the doctorate was defended, that is the Faculty of Organizational Sciences,” she said.

Asked whether it is possible for the decision of the University Senate to be changed, Popovic said that various decisions can be made, but that „it is not easy to overturn something that has been shown to be quite clear.“

„But let’s wait and see what the outcome of all this will be,“ said Popovic, whose term as rector of the University of Belgrade ends on October 1.


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