Belgrade Mayor says Europride organizers angry with him

NEWS 04.07.2022 20:45
Source: N1

Belgrade will be a city open to everyone, yet its new Mayor Aleksandar Sapic remains firm in his stand that he has no place leading the Europride event due in Belgrade in September.

Sapic earlier refused an invitation to open Europride by raising a flag over city hall, following which Europride organizers said he should revise his position because his job is to care for all citizens.

“I don’t know why they are angry with me, really” said Sapic, commenting Europride organizers’ reactions.

“I am not mad with anyone. The fact that my predecessors went and I won’t go, well, we are not clones, each of us has our own life philosophy, political philosophy, we are different people,” said the new Mayor.

“I think I was more than clear when I said that the city of Belgrade will always be open to people of all different religions and nations and sexual orientations and, how can I say, if there is an open city in the region, then that’s Belgrade,” Sapic added.

He repeated that he would not open the Europride event because he “simply does not see himself at its head”.