Belgrade Mayor booed by protesters

NEWS 28.09.2022 12:23
Source: N1

Belgrade Mayor Aleksandar Sapic was whistled and booed by protesting communal services workers in front of the city assembly on Wednesday.

Sapic, who was elected mayor on the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) ticket, and several of his associates were there to attend a session of the city assembly.

The protest was staged to express dissatisfaction with the decision by the city authorities to set up two new companies. The decision is on the agenda of today’s session of the Belgrade City Assembly. The two new companies will be part of the city parks service and would be in charge of fares collection in the public transport company.

Protesters told N1 that they didn’t want to stage the gathering but were forced to because Mayor Sapic refused to meet with them. They said that no one can decide for them and added that the gathering was the start of protests. The city services workers said that they would make their protest more radical if the decision to form the new companies is passed, including a general strike