Belgrade Manager says next winter will be very difficult

NEWS 04.07.2022 19:39
Source: Tanjug/ Dragan Kujundžić

The new Belgrade City Manager, Miroslav Cuckovic, said that the new city government is focusing on the coming winter that will be “one of the most difficult ones in the past 25 years,” the state television (RTS) reported.

Cuckovic said people need not fear but, just as those who use wood pellets for heating are buying them now, the city is also securing heating for the coming winter season now, at very high temperatures.

“The city is also fighting for wood pellets, it is purchasing diesel fuel for the Belgrade city transport (GSP) and Lasta, heating oil in order to be ready for the winter, and we are committed to this on a daily basis,” Cuckovic told the RTS adding that they have introduced working Saturdays for meetings with all municipal heads to plan each week ahead.

The City Manager repeatedly urged people to ration the water “so there would be enough for everyone” and explained that the city administration’s main task was to “reduce the citizens’ anxiety” and to ensure better living conditions in all parts of the Serbian capital.