Belgrade deputy mayor says contract signed for second metro line

NEWS 06.08.2021 10:05
Source: N1

Belgrade’s deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said on Friday that the city authorities signed a contract with the French Egis Rail to draw up plans for a second metro line which will be financed by the Serbian government.

Vesic told the pro-government Studio B that Egis Rail will complete a feasibility study including an assessment of the impact on the environment for the line between the Bezanija and Mirijevo suburbs. He said that the deadline to complete the job is 25 months so that the construction of the line can begin in 2023 with a view to completing the 21 kilometer line and 23 stations by 2030.

He said that the authorities have secured 4.6 billion Euro to build the first two Belgrade metro lines. “We are starting construction this year, 51 years after the first promise to build a metro was made,” he said.