Belgrade deputy mayor says city buying gas-powered buses

NEWS 29.06.2021 11:50
Source: Printscreen

Belgrade deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said on Tuesday that the city authorities are planning to buy 100 gas-powered buses this year, to help deal with air pollution.

He told the state TV (RTS) that the city transport company will not have a single diesel-powered vehicle by the year 2030. According to Vesic, the Belgrade city authorities will buy 100 buses a year for the next five years which means that the transport company will have 600 gas-powered buses by the year 2027 and will expand the tram network.

Vesic said that the city authorities are doing everything they can to promote bicycle and pedestrian traffic and help reduce air pollution, including subsidies for 5,000 people to buy bicycles and the construction of another 40 kilometers of cycle lanes.