Belgrade deputy Mayor opposed to new pandemic restrictions

NEWS 09.08.2021 11:35
goran vesić
Source: N1

Belgrade’s deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said on Monday that the city government is opposed to any possible new coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

He told the pro-government TV Happy that restrictions were necessary when the pandemic broke out to give scientists time to find a cure. “Almost 18 months later we have medication for the virus, a vaccine. Serbia has sufficient vaccines and more than 50 percent of the population have been inoculated, a large number of people have survived the coronavirus and we manufacture vaccine. We should implement the British model under which everything is open and working and the risk of infection is on the individuals who have not been vaccinated,” Vesic said.

He recalled that more than 55 percent of the adult population of the Serbian capital have been vaccinated, adding that the city is close to achieving herd immunity. According the Vesic, the city should not share the fate of other communities where less than 20 percent of the population has been inoculated.

Vesic said that schools should also resume normal classes because they can set up disinfection barriers, take children’s temperatures and implement all other necessary measures.