Belgrade deputy mayor criticizes decision to cut weekend opening hours

NEWS 01.03.2021 10:55
goran vesić
Source: N1

Belgrade deputy Mayor Goran Vesic voiced more criticism of the decision to cut opening hours for shopping malls, restaurants and cafes over the weekend.

Earlier, Vesic voiced strong opposition to the government crisis team’s decision to order malls and catering outlets to close at 2:00 pm on the weekend saying it would ruin the city’s economy. Speaking to the pro-government TV Happy on Monday, he said the weekend’s events just confirmed that he was right to say that the new measures would not show any effects.

According to the deputy mayor, there were more people in malls, restaurants and cafes in a shorter space of time than normal and added that there was a large number of gatherings in private residences.

“The Communal Militia broke up dozens of parties and gatherings over the weekend. The fact is that party organizers continued their work and that showed that they don’t care if restaurants are open to 2 or 10 pm. They will certainly violate the measures and hope they don’t get arrested,” Vesic is quoted as saying by the city authorities’ Beoinfo portal. He said that the shorter working hours harm ordinary people and businesses.

Vesic said that he expects the working hours to be extended.