Belgrade court confirms indictment for war crimes against JNA soldiers

NEWS 24.06.2022 21:59
Source: N1

The Higher Court in Belgrade confirmed an indictment against a former member of the Croatian National Guard for war crimes against captured members of the former Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) who were taken in September 1991 to a camp set up in Rakitje, near Zagreb, in a Croatian Interior Ministry training center, Srna reported.

The accused, nicknamed “Ranko” and identified with initials B.T., is not available to the Serbian judicial bodies because, following his arrest by an EU country on a warrant issued by Serbia, he was extradited to Croatia.

The indictment was confirmed on June 7 and came into effect after the deadline for appealing the Higher Court’s decision on confirming the indictment because no appeals were filed, Belgrade Higher Court spokeswoman Tatjana Matic told Tanjug, Srna reported.

The court is to set a trial date in the coming period while the accused will be tried in absentia.