Belgrade confirms: Inter-party talks under EP auspices in Serbia not before June

Source: Tanjug/Sava Radovanović

Serbia’s Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic confirmed on Monday the inter-party dialogue on election conditions mediated by the European Parliament (EP) would not start before June, which would be less than a year ahead of the 2022 presidential, local and early parliamentary vote.

He recalled  the recent dialogue with 26 organisations that refused to talk to the MEPs was held and denied the participants were “anti-European parties.”

Following the talks on April 28, the leader of the opposition nationalist Dveri Movement Bosko Obradovic said the ruling coalition agreed to end the inter-party dialogue on election’s conditions six months ahead of the ballot in 2022.

„Verbally, a step forward has been made. Now, we need progress in deeds,“ he said, adding that it would „officially give us normal election’s conditions for half of the year,“ Obradovic, who said would take part in both rounds of the dialogue, told N1

The 2022 ballot is due in April or May according to Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic, which will leave less than a year for the regime and opposition to, helped by the EP, agree on election conditions and thus avoid another boycott.

Major opposition parties boycotted the 2020 vote, despite the EP’s effort to persuade them to take part.

The opposition said the then dialogue under the EP auspices failed to produce results and that the regime did not implement what had been agreed.

Dacic added that the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SPP) and the People’s Party did not want to participate in the talks without the EP representatives.