Belgrade city official calls for metro station design ideas

Source: N1

Belgrade deputy Mayor Goran Vesic called architects to submit proposals for the 16 stations of the city’s first metro line on Friday.

Vesic told the pro-regime TV Pink that the city authorities want every station to be different, reflecting the part of the city that it will be built in as well as the history of Belgrade. He said that station designs can be submitted over the next two months.

The construction of the first line of the Belgrade metro is planned to start in November despite opposition from architects, civil engineers and the political opposition mainly because the site of the first station lies in a wetland area from which the city gets a large part of its water supply.

Vesic said that the start of construction will come at the same time as the development of the BG Train service connecting several suburbs. “Belgrade will have an integrated traffic system dominated by the metro and city rail service. He said the tram network will be expnded by another 100 kilometers and added that the city will do away with all diesel powered buses.