Belgrade city assembly adopts record high amended 2022 budget

NEWS 14.02.2022 13:31

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic said that the Belgrade City Assembly adopted an amended 2022 budget which stands at a record 1.411 billion Euro on Monday.

City Assembly councilors adopted the budget of 166 billion Dinars or 1.411 billion Euro. Vesic said that the budget was amended a little over a month after it was adopted because the original budget was “conservative” and based on the assumption that public income would be low. “Once we saw in January that there was no danger of restrictions on the economy because of the pandemic a decision was taken to propose an amended budget,” he said. According to Vesic, last year’s deficit was covered by a surplus.

He said that the amended budget includes more money for street cleaning to help reduce pollution, as well as for lighting and communal services. He added that the city will pay for laptops and tablets for elementary school children along with text books.