Belgrade asks UNMIK to remain committed to UN Resolution 1244 implementation

NEWS 06.04.2021 16:24
Source: Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova

Nikola Selakovic, Serbia’s Foreign Minister, told on Tuesday Mari Yamashita, UN Secretary-General’s Representative, Director of the UN Office in Belgrade, that the UN was the most important international organisation for his country and called on its UNMIK mission to remain committed to the implementation of the Resolution 1244 on Kosovo.

He added that the UN’s Office for Kosovo was of great significance since it was the main communication channel with UNMIK in Kosovo.

Selakovic said he expected UNMIK to remain in Kosovo with an unchanged mandate regarding Resolution 1244.

The Resolution was passed after the NATO bombing of the then Yugoslavia over what it said aimed at preventing a humanitarian catastrophe due to Belgrade oppression of Kosovo Albanians, and the following agreement which resulted in the withdrawal of the country’s armed forces from then Serbia’s southern province. It remains neutral regarding the final status of Kosovo.