Belgrade accuses KFOR and UNMIK of covering up KLA crimes in Kosovo

Source: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Milovan Drecun, the chairman of Serbia's Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo, accused on Thursday KFOR and the United Nations Civilian Mission (UNMIK) of covering up the crimes of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) against Serbs and other nationals from 1998 to the end of 2000.

„It is a democratic approach to establishing truth, justice and reconciliation,“ Drecun told a session of the Kosovo Committee, which adopted a report by the Working Group on ‘Gathering Facts and Evidence to Elucidate Crimes Committed in Kosovo against Serbs and Other National Communities.’

Drecun said more than 2,500 civilians had been killed or disappeared in Kosovo between 1998 and the end of 2000 and that a state body needed to be set up to continue gathering evidence of KLA crimes.

„Serbia was not a criminal in Kosovo, it defended itself from genocide,“ Drecun said.

A member of the Working Group, Veljko Odalovic, added that a 7,000-page document had been drafted on 3,540 KLA.

„Pristina and the international community are silent about crimes against Serbs,“ Odalovic said, adding that he did not expect the results of special prosecutor’s offices and courts formed to investigate and try war crimes committed in Kosovo.

„No one was responsible for those crimes, and Pristina refuses any cooperation, which is why the families of the victims are dissatisfied. Those missing persons did not get lost in the forest but are victims of serious crimes,“ Odalovic said.

He added that „the largest number of crimes against Kosovo Serbs took place after June 10, 1999, in the presence of international officials, whose task was to prevent such a thing from happening.“

Odalovic said that out of some 13,000 victims in Kosovo, „almost 2,000 are Albanians“ killed by the Albanians „.

„After the withdrawal of Serbia’s army and police, some 400 Albanians were brutally killed, as were the Serbs. Kosovo and the international community conspiracy of silence about that continues. We contribute to the truth to be heard,“ Odalovic said.


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