Autocephaly of Ohrid Archbishopric officially recognized

NEWS 06.06.2022 11:11

Serbian Patriarch Porfirije presented an official document recognizing the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in North Macedonia to Ohrid Archbishop Stefan.

The document, read out after Porfirije and Stefan served a liturgy in the Cathedral Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Belgrade, says that the full autocephaly refers to the home country of the North Macedonia Archbishopric of Ohrid and to the diaspora.

Partiarch Porfirije said that the document confirms all Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Bishops’ Council previous decisions on the status of this kindred church and that it will be forwarded to other Orthodox Churches.

Archbishop Stefan said that Patriarch Porfirije and the SPC Bishops’ Council “took a step of historical importance for the North Macedonian Orthodox Church and for Orthodoxy in general”.

„You have shown, by your actions, how much you love peace and harmony among brothers, and the whole of the Orthodox Church,” said Archbishop Stefan.