Austrian journalist to N1 from Mariupol: Life under tensions in Ukraine

NEWS 22.02.2022 14:16

The Austrian ORF TV correspondent from Ukraine, Christian Versic, told N1 on Tuesday from Mariupol, a city in southeastern Ukraine, that the situation was calm but that people were worried about the Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to recognise the seceded Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

However, they do not believe that there is a possibility of a big war, he says.

He adds there is no water in Donetsk, with only 50 percent of the total resources available, while in Lughans, a transformer station was hit.

„People are scared, but on the other hand, they have been living here for eight years with the war, and for more than two years they have not been able to communicate normally, to visit their relatives, because the rebels (in southeastern regions)have set up checkpoints,“ Versic told N1.

He says journalists can work relatively normally but need accreditations to go to the front line.

"We can work relatively normally in the Ukrainian part; the problem is that many people are in fear, not ready to communicate," Versic said.

He adds that he does not see any significant efforts being made to calm tensions, that severe sanctions have not been passed yet, and that the current ones, against some banks and individuals, "cannot prevent anything".

"The Ukrainian government wanted more protection, they got roses, loans, instructors, but from the beginning of Ukraine's independence, it was clear that the EU was not ready to accept it even though it met all the criteria. NATO also said - we will not fight for Ukraine. You are not our member." That means Ukraine has to fight alone," Versic said.


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