Auction for 5G network in Serbia possible by end of year, Minister says

Source: Shutterstock

Tatjana Matic, Serbia’s Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication, said on Thursday during a meeting with Alejandro Plater, A1 Telekom Austria Group CEO, an auction for the 5G network was possible in Serbia by the end of 2021.

Her cabinet statement added the talks were about a building of the broadband infrastructure in rural areas, which would also include operators through public calls.

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Matic said that the realisation of the first phase of the project would provide ultra-fast broadband access to 500 settlements, or about 80,000 rural households, which for there was no commercial interest of operators to invest in the network.

She said she expected the works on the network would begin after signing all contracts and preparing project-technical documents in September this year, with a year-long deadline for finalisation.

Plater agreed that digitalisation and technological development were crucial, especially the development of infrastructure in rural areas, including investments in the network in which his company was interested.