Another €500,000 needed for little Serbian boy’s therapy

NEWS 22.05.2021 17:08
Source: Budi human

During the weekend, the Belgrade utility company Gradska cistoca and Savski Venac Municipality are organizing the collection of recycling material on 12 locations with the aim of paying for the treatment of little Gavrilo Djurdjevic suffering from spinal muscular atrophy type 1. Gavrilo's mother Nevena Djurdjevic told N1 that they lack a little over half a million euros.

„We were given an appointment at the hospital on May 25, which is the date when Gavrilo should go and do all the necessary tests before receiving the therapy. On Monday, we will have an exact excerpt from the foundation, how much money we are missing and whether we will have enough for the hospital to receive us. We collected €2.5 million, which includes the price of gene therapy with treatments, treatment and accommodation abroad,“ Nevena Djurdjevic pointed out.

Gavrilo’s mother recalled that her son suffers from spinal muscular atrophy type 1, which is a rare and progressive neuromuscular disease, and for the treatment of which early diagnosis is crucial.

„I am grateful to everyone for every kind of help“, saids Nevena Djurdjevic adding that the easiest way is to help is to send an SMS 973 to the number 3030.

Other forms of sending aid are by conducting payments to a foreign currency account:

IBAN: RS35160600000084402853

Or by sending money via PAYPAL.


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