Analyst: Serbia’s regime attempts to hide links to criminal group

NEWS 12.02.2021 10:28
đorđe vukadinović
Source: Izvor: N1

Djordje Vukadinovic, a political analyst, told N1 on Friday that Serbia's current regime was trying to hide its links to a recently arrested criminal organisation and "to flood the public with semi-information and gossips," thus successfully diverting its attention.

Commenting on Veljko Belivuk’s criminal group’s arrest and the leak of information from the investigation published in tabloids, Vukadinovic said it was nothing new, but „scandalous anyway.“

„I cannot believe the authorities which control everything cannot stop the information leakage. That raises suspicion the information are dosed and deliberately leaked. Most of the information, especially the most precarious ones, go to the media with the consent and, most often, with the authorities’ blessing. It’s a scandal of its kind,“ Vukadinovic said.

He added he did not know „to what extent it helps Veljko Belivuk’s defence, but it creates „bad atmosphere, bad impression, prompting talks about the state and its institutions’ unreliability.“

„The story about the eavesdropping of Vucic was going on for days, but now it disappeared. The attempt is not to talk about the links (between organised crime and regime). Instead, we talk about a sniper rifle which should have been used in Vucic’s assassination,“ Vukadinovic said, added that two-thirds of the population believed in it.