Albanian President: Dialogue to end in mutual recognition

NEWS 15.08.2022 16:43
Source: Gent Shkullaku/AFP

Albanian President Bajram Begaj said in Pristina that the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue should end in “mutual recognition at the center of a comprehensive agreement”, adding that this is also what US President Joseph Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz earlier said.

“I appreciate the position of the President and Kosovo Government in continuing the dialogue with Serbia as the only way to make it clear that the reality of independent Kosovo is irreversible and unchangeable,” Begaj said following his meeting with Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani.

He said close and intensive cooperation between the governments of Albania and Kosovo should continue in order to achieve measurable results in implementing the agreements signed by the two governments.

“We have to use our economic potentials. The steps we have already taken in order to facilitate cross-border traffic for people and goods are the right steps for priority investments. We have to take advantage of European and regional integration processes and mechanisms to materialize our joint projects. A very important bilateral aspect is that in the area of education and culture,” said Begaj.

The Albanian President said his country supports Kosovo’s membership in NATO and in all international organizations, as well as the process of visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens, and added that national security, energy independence, pandemics and many other areas are of priority importance and that “cooperation between the two countries is necessary like never before.”

“All of us in Kosovo are happy about Albania’s achievements and we are counting on your support,” said Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani.

Explaining that Albania has lent Kosovo its unreserved support by being its voice in places where it is not represented, Osmani said “we believe Albania will continue to be our voice whenever given the opportunity. Membership in the EU and NATO remains our strategic goal.”

Commenting the situation in North Kosovo, Osmani said that Kosovo institutions are committed to working in coordination with international partners.

“Serbia is the one engaging in war-mongering rhetoric regarding Kosovo, but also making moves that disrupt peace and stability,” said Osmani.

“We expect clear signals from the European Union regarding Serbia, to put a stop to this,” Osmani added.