Agriculture Minister: Milk shortage is short-term

Source: Shutterstock

Serbia's Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management Branislav Nedimovic said the short-term shortage of milk in the country is due to the fact that the price of milk in neighboring countries was higher so milk processors were looking to sell milk abroad.

“There has been a whole lot of information and misinformation lately, like that there are no cows, that there is no milk in the stores. It is a fact that a liter of milk in Serbia cost up to 119 Dinar (1 Euro – 118 Dinar), while the price of a liter of milk in neighboring countries ranged from 1.35 to 1.7 Euro, so as soon as there is such a difference, processors look to sell at a higher price,” the Minister told the pro-regime Pink TV.

This results in a difficult situation because the market needs milk and the producers are asking for a certain price for their goods and then short-term shortages happen, explained Nedimovic.

The Serbian Government set this week a new maximum retail price of milk so UHT milk with 2.8% milk fat will cost 128.99 Dinar instead of 119.99 Dinar. At the same time, the state introduced a temporary ban on export of milk except to North Macedonia and Albania.

He added that an additional problem is the fact that Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Romania and Montenegro no longer have dairy industries or that, if they do, they produce far less than needed, and that Serbia and Bosnia are the only ones that have milk.