Afghan HPC organised meetings in Belgrade, Vucic gave green light, official says

Source: Tanjug/Miloš Milivojević

Serbia’s Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic, said on Monday that the Afghanistan High Peace Council (HPC) organised three meetings within several months between the countries authorities and rebels in Belgrade and that President Aleksandar Vucic agreed it could happen.

In a slightly different recollection, Dacic told the Belgrade Prva TV he “now assume they (the rebels) were Taliban“ and added no one from Serbia’s authorities attended the talks.

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He said he asked Vucic about the then Afghanistan Government’s request “to avoid a mistake” and that the President gave the green light.

Dacic says it is good for Serbia to organise the meetings, adding Belgrade has diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and that they are not established with authorities but with a country.

Asked if Serbia would continue with diplomatic ties with Afghanistan, now ruled by Taliban under Sheria law, Dacic said many other states had the same law, such as Saudi Arabia, which Belgrade cooperated with.