Activists: New roadblocks in Serbia; Everyone sees what Rio Tinto is doing

NEWS 30.12.2021 16:15
Source: N1

Rio Tinto, the Anglo-Australian mining company, has requested approval to exploit jadarite, not far from the town of Loznica in western Serbia, despite unsolved issues over its possible business in the countryNewsMax Adria reported on Thursday, citing its sources.

„The authorities’ conflicting statements about the postponement and continuation of the realisation of the ‘Jadar project’ are not enough for the residents of potentially endangered villages to sit idly. That’s why they already called for new roadblocks on January 3,“ activists said.

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Miroslav Mijatovic from the Podrilnje Anti-Corruption Team told N1 that it was „clear to everyone what is happening, i.e., that Rio Tinto continues its activities on opening a lithium mine.“

„The President (Aleksandar Vucic) visit to Donji Nedeljice and some cosmetic changes that were made after that. But it looks completely different on the ground. It was a show for the public, Vucic’s pre-election manoeuvre,“ he said.

Mijatovic added Rio Tinto, on the other hand, was intensifying its activities on the ground, in line with what the Rio Sava CEO Vesna Prodanovic recently said about the company’s work on defying the exploitation field.

„So, as far as Rio Tinto is concerned, they act as if nothing is happening, as if nothing happened, and accordingly, we decide we have nothing to wait for while the most endangered locals are left with no option,“ Mijatovic said.

He added Rio Tinto had not had any activity on the ground in the last year but worked on obtaining documents needed to open a lithium mine.


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