Activist: Vucic fails to bribe youngsters in Serbia, they deserve more than €100

savo manojlović
Source: N1

One of the leaders of the 'Go-Change' Initiative Savo Manojlovic said on Wednesday that the number of young people taking part in environmentalist protests across Serbia showed that President Aleksandar Vucic failed to bribe them with 100 euros the Government gave them recently.

„I think that young people in Serbia deserve much more than 100 euros. They got those 100 euros because they protested, and that’s a great message. Continue to demonstrate, and you will always get more,“ Manojlovic told a rally in the central town of Kragujevac on Tuesday.

„A 100 euro for people from 16 to 29 years of age is just distributed, plus an additional 100 euros Vucic promises them if he wins the elections should be added to the 1.4 billion euros,“ Goran Radosavljevic, an economics professor, told the Beta news agency last week, adding that money was not planned in the budget,“

In an interview with the Glas Sumadije website, Manojlovic said that the opinion polls showed that young people were not easily manipulated and deceived. They were one of the critical factors that made roadblocks so successful.

Serbia’s environmentalists organised several protests with roadblocks across Serbia in the last few months forcing the authorities to abolish and change some laws related to lithium mining in the country.

Manojlovic said that many young people took part in the protests.

„That (the protests) hurts the authorities—especially the participation of those between 18 and 30 years of age. The two last opinion polls they (the authorities) ordered showed that young people are not indifferent but ready to block roads,“ Manojlovic said.

He added that was the case during the roadblocks, and „that encourages us for new activities.“



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