Activist: All of Serbia is coming to Belgrade to protest next week

NEWS 09.01.2022 12:59
Source: Beta/Amir Hamzagić

"The plan is for everyone to gather next Saturday in Belgrade and for the whole of Serbia to come to the capital," Aleksandar Jovanovic Cuta told, announcing a big protest and a new blockade of the highway for January 15.

Regarding the Prime Minister’s announcement that the Government is close to the decision to cancel all deals with Rio Tinto, he said that protesters will “help her get to that point” and to “end this agony and to end all obligations to Rio Tinto.”

„From January 15, we plan to further radicalise the protest if these two demands are not met. There will be no compromise regarding a healthy environment, human health and the right of all citizens to a dignified life and work on their properties because Serbia is no one’s colony,” he said.

Biljana Stojkovic from the Assembly of Free Serbia also said that there will be no giving up on the protest and that the fight against Rio Tinto will continue.

These demands are important for the whole of Serbia. We need to think carefully about the exploitation of ores and the impact, whether it means the destruction of the entire country and the expulsion of the population from their land,” she said, according to Nova.

The Environmental Uprising and the Association of Environmental Organizations of Serbia (SEOS) invited all related organizations to a meeting in order to plan further protest activities and radicalize Serbia’s defence against Rio Tinto and other similar companies.


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