Abazovic satisfied with Serbia visit

NEWS 30.06.2022 22:43
Source: N1

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that he is satisfied with his visit to Serbia, adding that it is a step forward following a period of tense relations.

He said the best thing that happened during his two-day visit was the fact that all the state and church officials he met with agreed that the two countries are entering a new era of relations which should be much better than before. “Relations were burdened unnecessarily in the previous period,” he said, adding that payments between the two countries will resume along with free exports of food from Serbia to Montenegro. “It’s also important that Montenegrin Mps will no longer be detained at the border,” he said and added that some issues could not be resolved during his visit.

Speaking about the agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and other religious communities in Montenegro, Abazovic said that the important thing is that there are no dilemmas. “For us the only important thing is for everything to be in line with the Constitution and law and that all religious communities get the same treatment…that includes certain obligations, he said.