North Macedonia says 21 doctors and nurses died of COVID-19

NEWS 22.12.2020 19:18
Source: Reuters/Ognen Teofilovski

North Macedonia’s Public Health Institute said on Tuesday that 21 doctors and nurses and seven pregnant women had died of coronavirus-related ailments.

It said that of the 55,174 patients who recovered from COVID-19, 2,548 were doctors and nurses and 338 pregnant women. A total of 4,585 new cases were registered in the past week, or 16.9 less than a week earlier. A total of 159 people died, or 8.6 percent less than a week earlier and 4,513 patients recovered, the report said.

The Public Health Institute said that 78,432 new cases were reported by December 20, 2,314 deaths were reported along with 20.994 active cases.  

The country’s Health Ministry said that 26 people died of coronavirus-related ailments in the previous 24 hours and added that 758 people tested positive of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.