Slovenia logs 395 new coronavirus cases, 39 deaths

NEWS 21.12.2020 12:05
Source: Unsplash (ilustracija)

Over the past 24 hours, 1,446 coronavirus tests have been performed, with 27.32% returning positive and confirming 395 new cases of the infection, and there have been 39 COVID-related deaths, the Slovenian government said on Monday.

The total number of confirmed infection since the outbreak has increased to 106,292, the number of active cases stands at 19,964, and the average single-day number of confirmed infections in the last seven days is 1,359, the health ministry said on Monday.

There are currently 1,214 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, or 15 more than on Sunday, and there are 202 patients in intensive care units.

The death toll has reached 2,353.

On Saturday, the government temporarily relaxed some restrictions, but only during the Christmas and New Year holidays and under the condition that the epidemiological situation does not deteriorate in the coming days.

On Christmas and New Year’s Day the ban on travelling outside one’s municipality will not apply, and up to six people from two different households are allowed to socialise, with the limit not applying to the number of children.

Prime Minister Janez Janes stressed that it was necessary to comply with all other restrictions and refrain from high-risk contacts and travelling abroad.

Since the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia (DESUS) pulled out from the ruling coalition last week and Health Minister Tomaz Gantar resigned, it was said that Jansa would take on Gantar’s responsibilities, including running the health ministry, which would avoid complications that would arise with the selection of a new minister whose nomination should be then confirmed in the parliament at this sensitive political moment.