N1 rejects claims it leads campaign against Vucic as 'absolutely untrue'

NEWS 19.12.2020 12:41
Source: N1

The claims by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic about N1 existing to lead a 24/7 campaign against him are “absolutely untrue,” N1 Belgrade said in response to the President's statement to Prva TV.

Explaining the media situation in Serbia, Vucic told Prva TV on several occasions during the interview that N1 rejected the offer to be broadcast in the Telekom Serbia’s cable network system under the same conditions as other channels.

He also said N1 TV was leading a constant campaign against him and that it was not a commercial media outlet.

“The claims by the President of Serbia are absolutely untrue. N1 is both news and commercial TV channel, and does not serve for “leading campaigns” but for objective informing, which is clear to all our viewers,” said N1 Belgrade, pointing out as “particularly inaccurate” the information about alleged racketeering and asking for different conditions compared to other TV channels incable networks.

“When a year ago Telekom Serbia excluded N1 from a part of its network’s offer, multiply overpaid operators Radijus Vektor and Kopernikus, N1 was left without a significant part of the audience which could no longer watch N1’s content. Since we are a commercial TV channel and the programme production has a price, N1 could not provide its content free of charge.

And exactly because N1 does not serve for campaigns, the United Media asked for a minimum price of 0.4 Euro per cable subscriber on the market for N1 to broadcast the high-quality news programme, which is among the top viewed on the cable network.

Telekom did not accept that but offered us to broadcast free of charge. Since the President claims the conditions are same for everyone, N1 wonders: What is the price for the broadcast of other TV channels such as Pink or Prva TV? Are they broadcast free of charge? How much does Telekom pay for the broadcast of the TV channels that you say earn the money? Is it a commercial move when Telekom pays 37 million Euro for the purchase of ‘Kurir’ and other undefined actions of Igor Zezelj’s company and how much does Telekom pay for the broadcast of Kurir’s channels as well as the channels of Zeljko Joksimovic and Manja Grcic?

If the President is interfering with the business of the cable operators and presents details, then those details should be based on the facts. That is why we are inviting him to carefully check the pricing constructions of Telekom towards Pink, Prva, Happy, B92 and Kurir TV channels. He will see the offer for the broadcast of N1 is multiply favourable.

So, a year later we repeat #DaSeVidiN1 (Let N1 be seen),” said N1 Belgrade.