Kosovo's suspect refuses to plead, blaming SPO for documents' leak, corruption

NEWS 18.12.2020 13:23
Source: N1

Nasim Haradinaj refused on Friday to plead about the accusation of disclosing confidential documents by the Specialist Prosecutor's Office (SPO) for the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) crimes during 1998-1999 war there and blames the Office for the leak, saying some prosecutors are corrupted.

Haradinaj and Hisni Gucati, who is due to plead later in the day, are accused of publishing confidential information during three news conferences of their KLA Veteran’s Association and on social networks that could identify the potential witnesses.

Haradinaj reiterated he did not recognise The Hague’s Specialist Chambers jurisdiction and mandate.

„I’m convinced they are corrupt. How was it possible for all those documents to leak from their Office?“ Haradinaj asked.

The indictment charges the two of obstruction of justice, intimidation of witnesses, retaliation and violation of the proceedings’ secrecy.

Addressing the SPO, Haradinaj accused it of „attempting to divert attention from own responsibility to Kosovo and its people.“

„It’s not about several pages; there were thousands of them. And we, as the veterans’ organisation, did not have access to them. Prosecutors, maybe some of them present here today should be in my place, not I. That is not justice, it’s absurd to blame us for the mistakes made by the prosecutors,“ Haradinaj, who should plead in 30 days, said.