Belgrade insists on forming CSM during technical dialogue with Pristina

Source: Kancelarija za KiM

The head of Serbia's Government Office For Kosovo, Petar Petkovic, said Belgrade insisted again on the issue of forming the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM) in a new round of dialogue with Pristina about the property and financial claims.

 „For us, the CSM is a key issue. If we are talking about the successful continuation of the dialogue, the CSM must be formed,“ Petkovic told reporters after the new round of technical dialogue in Brussels, mediated by the European Union’s envoy Miroslav Lajčák.

He also said it was good to talk about property and financial claims after seven and a half years.

„It is a very sensitive, large and complex issue. Given that the positions of Belgrade and Pristina in terms of property and financial claims are very distant, what we have proposed is first to establish the principles,“ he added.

Petkovic said the Belgrade delegation came to the meeting with ready documentation and proposals to establish a system of principles, mechanisms and bodies „so that we could talk specifically about the property.“