Coronavirus: Slovenia reports 2,139 new cases, 38 deaths

NEWS 09.12.2020 12:59
Source: Ilustracija

Over the past 24 hours, 7,003 coronavirus tests have been conducted in Slovenia, confirming 2,139 new cases of the infection, and there have been 38 related deaths, the Slovenian government said on Wednesday.

The share of positive tests went up from Tuesday to 30.54%.

According to latest data from the health ministry, the total number of confirmed infections since the start of the epidemic is 90,075, and there are 20,738 active cases.

There are currently 1,304 Covid patients in hospitals, 47 more than on Tuesday, and 190 are in intensive care units, 10 more than the day before.

The death toll has reached 1,900.

Government spokesman Jelko Kacin said on Wednesday that the situation was serious, but that the number of new daily infections had decreased on the week.