Montenegro's new Govt aims at recovering relations with Serbia

Source: N1

The Montenegrin new Government will build the relations with neighbouring Serbia based on mutual respect, Foreign Minister Djordje Radulovic has said on Wednesday.

In an interview with the Podgorica Dan daily, Radulovic said the aim of the new Government, without the Democratic Party of Socialist (DPS) led by President Milo Djukanovic for the first time in 30 years, was to „recover all relations with Serbia based on the principles of sovereignty, independence and without interference into internal issues.“

He said that the Foreign Ministry’s decision to declare Vladimir Bozovic, Serbia’s ambassador to Montenegro a persona non grata, was irreversible after the 72-hour deadline.

„The abolishment of hospitality to the ambassadors is not a good neighbourly but a hasty act,“ Radulovic said, adding his Ministry would use all mechanisms to help to resolve the issue.