Montenegro extradites to Serbia its national suspected of attempted murder

Source: MUP Srbije

Podgorica's authorities extradited on Tuesday Ivan Kontic, 30, a Montenegrin, suspected of heavily beating a man in Serbia’s northern city of Novi Sad last August, his lawyer said.

Montenegro’s police confirmed the extradition.

Damir Lekic said Kontic was taken by Serbia’s police officers and would face trial in Serbia. 

Kontic is suspected of attempted murder in Novi Sad, after a video published on social networks has shown his brutal beatings of M.M.

The footage showed him relentlessly beating M.M., after knocking him down, and then breaking his arms.

Serbia’s Justice Ministry asked Montenegro’s authorities to extradite Kontic, after he was arrested in an apartment in the capital Podgorica on October 11.