UG's Shoppster launches loyalty programme

NEWS 04.12.2020 13:35
Source: Shoppster

The largest online and TV store in the region,, brings new benefits and incredible prices with every purchase by launching its Shoppster Smart loyalty programme, a Shoppster says in a statement on Friday.

Consumers can enter the programme without a previous purchase, and all of them will be awarded.

„You can enter the first level – Smart, immediately. After the registration, you enter the first level of the programme where you will have 10 40 percent discount on more than 50 specially selected products every month,“ the statement said.

It added that the more you buy, the more you get.

„When you start shopping, all your purchases add up and – the more you buy, the more you get. Therefore, when you enter the second level of the program – Smart Plus, you get even more benefits – coupon codes with a discount on a different range of products, which will arrive regularly by e-mail. The third and, at the same time, the highest level of this loyalty program is Smart Connect, and it has the best offers,“ the statement said.

It added that only SBB and NetTV Plus users can enter the Smart Connect level. „You need to register on through your My SBB or NetTV account and automatically, in addition to all the benefits of the first two levels, you get a discount of 10 to 50 percent on additional 50 products every month. Up to three different users can obtain discounts through the same account,“ the statement said.

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