SBB request inquiry into Telkom Srbija's access to SBB users' data

NEWS 03.12.2020 13:18
Source: N1

The company's statement said some people testified that callers identified themselves as Telekom Srbija and its Supernova cable provider's agents had data about the SBB users in different cities with details about the contract duration, packages they subscribed for, and offering them to switch to MTS network.

SBB says it keeps all users’ data as business secret in line with the international standards, preventing any legal way to obtain them.

The company calls on the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Protection of Personal Data, to supervise Telekom Srbija and its affiliated companies (Moja Supernova, My Supernova) and their agents to establish the way how the SBB users’ data ended into MTS possession and were used for offering its services, particularly whether their actions led to contracts with MTS, and to take the measures available to him after the procedure.

„If it turns out that Telekom Srbija is behind these acts, it will be unheard of case of abuse of the users’ data an, and a possible the case of industrial espionage. That will show once again that Telekom Srbija does not choose either the way or the means, including an open violation of the law and good business practice, only to harm SBB,“ the company said. 

It added that Telekom „for quite some time,“ had been abusing „the full support of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), and continuously pressured the SBB users.“
The media have reported that in some state companies and local self-governments, the employees were asked to switch to the state operators and to terminate contracts with SBB.

Besides intimidating users to switch to MTS, the authorities have prevented and stopped the development of the SBB company throughout Serbia, for a long time, banning the installation of the network in some places and cities.

SBB calls on all its users who are pressured to change the operator to inform the company because it will take all available means to protect their data and the right to choose the operator freely.

SBB will also submit all the evidence showing the violation of laws by Telekom Srbija to the judicial institutions, and at the same time will inform the respective European Union’s institutions about all the pressures on SBB