SBB legal expert: Competition targets our users, offers contracts buyouts

NEWS 03.12.2020 12:17
Source: N1

Jovan Zecevic, the SBB legal department director, told N1 on Thursday there was an increased number of offers from the competing companies which were outside the usual general or specific providers' packages, directly violating the Law on Protection of Consumers.

Zecevic commented on numerous complaints by the SBB userswho were receiving calls from the state-owned MTS, a part of Telekom Srbija group, offering them to change the cable provider citing their data from the contracts they had with SBB.

„Any healthy competition is fair and motivates us to be better and increase the quality which in turn gives the users better service and lower prices, Zecevic said.

However, he added, „we have cases of ‘indecent proposals,’ as the buyout of the SBB contracts to users who are already under contractual obligation.“

„The offers are not a part of the standard packages, and it contradicts the Law on Protection of Consumers. That goes beyond the so-called ‘guerilla marketing’ and aggressive business practice; it is no longer advertising material in mailboxes. It is evident that some people have data that are from the contract,“ Zecevic told N1.


„Such ‘marketing’ is increasing and has moved to the Internet platforms with false accounts…We’ll now solve the issue with reports, and it is up to the respective institutions to deal with those cases,“ Zecevic said.

He said that SBB had a strong security system and that it was not possible to copy personal or move them from the base.

„But, there is always a human factor, i.e., people who maliciously can compromise those data. That’s nothing new, but we carried out a series of security measures over those who deal with the data to make them comply with the procedure. In case of the violation of the rules, we envisaged disciplinary measures, including a notice. Those are serious things,“ Zecevic said.

SBB is a part of the United Group as is N1.