Commissioner: People to complain to Telekom Serbia over data from SBB contracts

Source: N1

The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection Milan Marinovic failed on Thursday to answer whether the institution would launch supervision about how the data from the contracts between the users and SBB ended up with its direct competitor - Telekom Srbija.

Marinovic told the Belgrade daily Danas that it might deal with the issueex officio if decided so after consultations within the institution.

Until then, Marinovic advised citizens who suspected their data had been misused to initiate the procedure themselves and demand answers from Telecom Srbija.

„They should contact the legal entity they suspect of unauthorised use of their data and ask them how they got it, what data they have … Also, by law, they have the right to request the legal entity to stop processing the data and delete them,“ Marinovic told Danas.

He added that if they were left without a satisfactory answer, they could complain to the Commissioner.

SBB said it treated their users’ data as a business secret and kept them in an information system protected by appropriate supervision.

Danilo Sukovic, an economist and former member of the Anti – Corruption Council, said that, based on available information, that it was the case of unfair competition.

„It is especially problematic that people’s data misuse constitutes a violation of the human right to privacy, as well as the Law on Personal Data Protection. It is important that the competent authorities investigate whether these data leaks,“ he told Danas.

The daily asked Telekom Srbija for a comment but hadn’t received any before its deadline.