N1 and Nova S again targeted by SNS MPs with 1990s rhetorics; UNS condemns

NEWS 02.12.2020 20:04
Source: FoNet/Aleksandar Barda

Several ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MPs continued with the fierce campaign against N1 and Nova S TV journalists, revoking the worst rhetorics from the 1990s when wars tore apart former Yugoslav federation.

“Foreign mercenaries,“ “Domestic traitors,“ “Enemies of the state,“ “Those who call for the murder of President Aleksandar Vucic…“ and alike slanders could be heard in the Parliament and the live coverage of the session on the state RTS TV.

 None of the those presiding the session debating the financial report of the Republic Body for Electronic Media (REM) attempted to stop the verbal violence against the two independent TV channels’ journalists directly jeopardising their safety with series of lies and unfounded accusations.

An N1 reporter who covered the session said that was not the first time that ruling SNS MPs abuse the Parliament sessions to attack the TV’sTV’s journalists, but that on Wednesday it was worse than before.

 „Those independent media N1 and Nova S, anti-Serb media… There is not a bit of independence, and only one sentence can describe them – domestic traitor and foreign mercenary, Biljana Pantic Pilja, an SNS deputy said.

Her colleague Milos Terzic said: „Those TVs present themselves as media, while they are just political enemies of the SNS.“

„SPC (the Serbian Orthodox Church), Crisis Team and our doctors are constantly under attacks because their only policy is – the worse for Serbia, the better for them.“

And he did not stop there.

„They want to create an atmosphere in which someone from criminal groups in the region can physically eliminate Vucic because he bothers them,“ Terzic said.

„The essence is that N1 and Nova S are an anti-state construction,“ he added.
Ivana Nikolic, also an SNS MP, described N1 and Nova S works as „absolutely anti-state behaviour.“

Another SNS deputy Djordje Todorovic said: „Those media are slowly becoming political parties.“

„Their political activists, and I mean N1 and Nova S journalists, do a brilliant job; they can even overshadow those of the former regime,“ he said and added:

„They don’t do anything to inform Serbia’s public… One should ask how is it possible that those channels, anti-state channels, conduct such falsehearted, calculated campaign against the state of Serbia… A procedure should be launched to find out why such an atmosphere is created because when we look at the Twitter correspondence, I can see how certain people are bidding on how many bullets will end up in the back of President Vucic.“