Montenegro’s Parliament discusses new government

Source: Anadolija/Miloš Vujović

Zdravko Krivokapic, Montenegro’s Prime Minister-designate told the country’s Parliament the focus of his cabinet would be on the development economic policy and improvement of competitiveness and announced the changes in the disputed Law on Religious Freedom.

Speaking in the presence of the Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, whose party lost the last elections after three decades in power, Krivokapic announced that “all discriminatory laws adopted to satisfy the party’s interests at the expense of citizens’ and religious communities’ rights, will be revised and amended. The Law on Religious Freedom would get special attention.”

He added that besides “the unavoidable media freedom and the judiciary’s effectiveness, a new government would also focus on fighting climate changes, appropriate social policy and employment.

The Parliament’s debate will last two or even three days, due to enormous interest of the MPs for the discussion.