Serbia's state-owned MTS has data from contracts with SBB, people complain

NEWS 01.12.2020 20:41
Source: N1

An increasing number of people across Serbia write on social networks they have been contacted by employees of the state-owned MTS company, offering them to switch to its Supernova cable TV provider, and giving them details about their contracts with SBB, which SBB says are strictly confidential.

Supernova operates within MTS, a part of the state-owned Telekom Srbija group.

Those people ask SBB how is it possible for MTS to have access to their contracts with the private TV cable provider.

‘Does SBB now that MTS is recruiting their clients?’ ‘How come MTS knows the data I gave to SBB, and alike,’ are the questions posted on social networks.

A man who identified himself only by first name Milan, said the voice over the phone told him he called „on behalf of Telekom.“ The caller knew details about the contract with SBB that wasn’t on his name. When asked how could he know that, he said: „It doesn’t matter, what matters is that if you want, you can come to us.“

People who talked to N1 TV said they never left personal data in any questionary or to any other provider.

SBB legal team says it seems to be the case of illegal obtainment and usage of the company’s and its clients’ data.

„Such unauthorised use of business’ secrets is a classic act of unfair market competition, a violation of the Law on personal data protection and may contain certain elements of a crime.

Given the whole situation, SBB is now considering all possible legal remedies available to it.“ Rastko Petakovic, an SBB lawyer, said.

Former Commissioner for the protection of personal data Rodoljub Sabic agreed. He told N1 that „if MTS is behind this action, it risks a lawsuit for damages by SBB under the Law on Protection of Business Secrets, lawsuits for an economic crime against a legal entity and a responsible person. Also, there could be many misdemeanour charges or private criminal lawsuits,“ by those people who MTS contacted.

Earlier this month, some Serbia’a power company (EPS) employees told N1 they were under pressure to change cable operators providing services to their homes from SBB to MTS.
SBB operates within the United Group which N1 is also a part of.