Skopje Deputy Mayor dies from COVID-19; Government: Crisis until June

Source: N1

North Macedonia’s media said Skopje’s Deputy Mayor Enver Maliqi died from COVID-19-related complications early on Tuesday in a private hospital where he was additionally treated after leaving the Infectious Disease Clinic in the capital following ten days he spent there.

Petre Silegov, the Mayor, wrote on his Facebook profile, he had lost a good friend.

Maliqi owned ‘Gemak Trade’ company and ‘Park Hotel and Spa’ , on the bank of the Vardar river in Skopje, and was Mexico honorary counsel in North Macedonia.

In the meantime, following huge numbers in fatalities and coronavirus cases, North Macedonia’s Government suggested the extension of the crisis until June next year and sent the motion to the Parliament for the approval.

If the motion passed, the new crisis would last for six months, from December 20.
Last reports showed 32 deaths and 336 newly infected in the country.