Slovenia registers 1,292 new coronavirus cases, 51 deaths

NEWS 01.12.2020 12:45

Slovenia has conducted 5,869 COVID tests in the past 24 hours confirming 1,292 new infections while 51 people have died as a consequence of the infection, the government said on Tuesday, adding that it would decide on Thursday whether the current epidemiological measures would remain in force or not.

The total number of people to have been infected with the virus since its outbreak has increased to 77,106, with 20,140 cases currently active. The 14-day incidence rate is 961 per 100,000 population.

According to the latest information from the country’s health ministry, there are currently 1,298 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, 36 more than yesterday, and 202 are in intensive care, five more than on Monday.

With the latest fatalities the number of deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic has increased to 1,435.

Later this week the government will decide, in agreement with the medical profession, whether to extend the current restrictions for another week or possibly ease them. Epidemiologists have said that the number of new cases is not declining and that the hospital system is overburdened as the number of hospitalisations is increasing.

One of the first conditions to ease restrictions should be that the daily number of new cases contracts to less than a thousand. Last week that number was around 1,400.

One of the first measures that could be removed is the ban on movement outside one’s municipality. Epidemiologists consider that this measure does not have much effect as there are no particular local hotspots and the virus has been spreading almost evenly throughout the country.

There is also talk of lifting some restrictions to allow more recreational activities, including skiing considering that the ski season is about to start and weather reports forecast an abundance of snow at all ski fields.