Migrants in Serbia collect money for sick children treatment

Source: N1/Privatna arhiva

Syrians and other nationals from the Middle East and African countries currently in migrants' camps in Serbia started collecting money for the country's sick children's medical treatment on Monday.

„Anika is a little girl from Serbia suffering from a rare disease. She needs an unbelievable 2.1 million Euro for medicine. Serbia’s people have been collecting money for her for the last three months. Anika has little more time to receive the treatment. I call upon you to organise and join people in Serbia with our modest contribution to gather money for the medicine. There is a box in the centre where we will collect money and pay it to Anika’s account and post the receipt on the board,“ read the text in Arabic the migrants in Serbia’s northern town of Sombor.

The text lists the ways how money could be donated via SMS for those who have local providers’ mobile numbers.

The same message was posted in Farsi, with added names of two more children, Minja and Oliver, who also needed aid for the treatment.

The first 60,000 Dinars (over 500 Euro) was paid in a local post office for Anika Manic, who had spinal muscular atrophy and whose life depended on the 2.1 million Euro medicine she could receive in Budapest.

Kaisim Muhamed, a Syrian, and one of the organisers said he would like the money to be collected as soon as possible „so that those children get a chance for life.“