UM: New fine for GSS Media affiliated with state-owned Telekom Srbija

NEWS 26.11.2020 15:39
Source: N1

Austrian courts have again fined GSS Media KG, a company linked to Serbia's Telecom, for failing to submit its business data for the fourth time and increased the fine to 20,000 Euro, the United Media said on Thursday.

Further raise in the fine is possible if the non-compliance with the court’s decision continues.

The statement recalled that GSS Media has been fined more than 150,000 euroson several occasions so far for disrespecting court decisions, and the court-ordered enforcement of paying due to legal costs’ debt in October.

GSS Media is a platform that enables diaspora to watch channels from the region over the Internet and is a strategic partner of Telekom’s company Go4yu.

The dispute between the Grand Production, a part of the United Media, and the GSS Media platform over the unauthorised broadcasting four of Grand productions entertainment programme, ended on September 3 with the Austrian Supreme Court final ruling.

The court ordered GSS Media to allow access to its financial data so it could determine the amount acquired through unauthorised broadcasting, as well as to publish the news of the verdict on their website.

Since the company did not act upon the court’s final decision, Grand initiated enforcement proceedings, and the court ordered GSS to pay all amounts without delay and submit all documents, paying penalties for each day of delay.

Since the GSS continued to offer and advertise the Go4Yu platform on its website, through which Grand shows were rebroadcast without authorisation, the court again punished them for the repeated violations of rights.

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