Two Serbia's opposition groups rebuke singer, Pink TV for insulting N1 reporter

Source: Screenshot/TV Pink

Serbia's opposition organisations Together for Serbia (ZZS) and the Civic Democratic Forum (GDF), said on Tuesday the insults by "an obscure individual" (the folk singer Aleksandar Vuksanovic – aka Aca Lukas) thrown at N1s' journalist Zaklina Tatalovic were a part of the arsenal of abuses, belittling, and intimidation of those who had a critical opinion of the government."

„When an ignorant, uncultured individual indecently and vulgarly insult someone, it is one of, unfortunately, many cases without consequences. But when someone like that has the opportunity to insult the journalist on a top-rated television (Pink TV with national frequency) with obvious premeditation, it is a strategic act of a powerful man,“ ZZS and GDF said in a joint statement.

The two organisations added such phenomena should be met with civil, democratic resistance.

They said they supported and expressed solidarity with all the victims of such attacks, because „we must not allow the primitive and intimidating tyranny to silence us.“

They joined N1, professional journalists organisations and othersin strongly condemning Lukas’ outburst against Tatalovic during the Pink TV Hit-Tvit show last Sunday night,