EPS Union denies pressure on workers about SBB 4 days after N1 asked for comment

NEWS 06.11.2020 17:35
Source: N1

The Union of Serbia’s power company EPS denied on Friday its members pressured the employees to change the cable operator to the state-owned Telekom Srbija from the privately-own SBB after N1 asked for a comment on Monday.

The head of the Union Milan Djordjevic wrote to N1 TV on Friday saying that “the EPS Union has never pressured the workers to change the operator,” and that N1 had daily reported on that from November 3 – 6.

N1 reported complaints by several anonymous EPS workers about the Union’s questionary to the employees to say which operator they were subscribed to and when the contract with SBB expired if they had it.

It asked the Union for a comment a day before publishing the report.


 SBB is a part of the United Group, as well as N1.