N1 turns six without compromise

NEWS 30.10.2020 09:08

N1 marked its anniversary on Friday, six years after it first started the website and then went on the air on October 30, 2014, reporting from Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo objectively and truthfully.

N1 TV and its web portal have been reporting professionally and without bias on events in Serbia for the past six years, notwithstanding years of pressure, attacks and constant threats.  

 The pressure is because of N1’s editorial policy which focuses on the interests of the public and a critical attitude towards the government and state institutions.

„Tense, challenging, under pressure, but passionately, and if I may say, I feel happy as a majority of our colleagues about what we have achieved in six years. And what I think we have achieved is to establish ourselves as a key news media in Serbia, an alternative to the traditional media,“ Igor Bozic, N1’s Executive producer said.

The difference between responsible reporting and propaganda became evident from the moment that N1 started airing its programs and the N1 web site makes that difference even more clear.  

In those six years, N1 has become more than a media house for the staff. Besides colleagues, they have become friends. They always rely on each other, and their audience can always count on them.

Their slogans are truth and facts above all;  six years, no compromise.