Belgrade insists on CSM in Brussels talks; EU: Step forward

Source: Evropska unija

The head of Serbia's Government Office for Kosovo Petar Petkovic said on Thursday that at today's meeting within the technical dialogue with Pristina in Brussels, Belgrade again raised the issue of the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM), and insisted on the implementation of the Brussels Agreement "which is necessary for continuing the dialogue (on the normalisation of relations), and building much-needed trust between the two sides."

The European parliamentarians said the issue of property and mutual financial claims was discussed.

After the meeting, Petkovic told reporters that „for each facility, company, factory, we have documents and evidence that show who invested in Kosovo and . And to come to these specific issues, we must establish common principles to enter those,“ he added.

Petkovic and his Kosovo’s counterpart Skender Hiseni exchanged views about property an financial claims, but Belgarde’s negotiator said the positions were opposite.

However, he said he was ready for a compromise.

Petkovic said Belgrade delegation showed its commitment to continue the dialogue and that there was no alternative to talks with Pristina side in an attempt to resolve all issues and those that burdened us.

„The problem is much bigger when there is no conversation,“ he added.

The EU special envoy for the Belgarde – Pristina dialogue Miroslav Lajčák tweeted after the meeting that a step forward was made towards a comprehensive agreement.

Since Pristina refused to discuss the CSM, the topic was not talked about, but „was mentioned“ in the meeting.

„Whichever issue is opened, we cannot progress in the dialogue without the formation of the CSM. We’ll see how the Pristina side will behave… What they want is to create the CSM in line with Kosovo’s Constitution, but that had not been agreed in Brussels, nor is it a part of the agreed principles in 2015… We don’t need an NGO,“ Petkovic said.

„The next meeting at the technical level depends on EU readiness to organise it,“ he added.

Whenever it happens, it will be a preparation for a meeting at the highest level.